[EC 2010] Legendary Vampire, October 29th (same day as LCQ)

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[EC 2010] Legendary Vampire, October 29th (same day as LCQ)

Message par Stone » 07 juillet 2010, 22:47


as a reminder, the 2010 EC will take place in Paris, on October 29th-31st.
If you didn't bookmark the adress of the EC 2010 site, please do so already
: http://ec2010vtes.com

This post announces the Legendary Vampire tournament, that will happen on
Friday, October 29th, on the same day as the Last Chance Qualifier. It's the same post as the one on the rec.games.trading-cards.jyhad forum :
http://groups.google.com/group/rec.game ... 8e65c5a38d#

Legendary Vampire announcement, rules and F.A.Q

Announcement : Legendary Vampire, October 29th, Paris

The second edition of the Legendary Vampire will take place in Paris,
October 29th, on the same day as the LCQ. In this tournament, 25 of the most
challenging players will fiercely compete in a hostile environment, as they
are all brilliant and seasoned Methuselah!

Rules of the Legendary Vampire format

Short version: it's a regular constructed tournament, except that it's meant
for the top 25 players from the world ratings.

Long version:

-held on Friday, October 29th, i.e. same day as the LCQ

-invitational, constructed, rated

-rated only if exactly 25 players are present for the first round (no more,
no less)

-rating calculation: bonus of 1.25 to the coefficient, i.e. the rating
formula for finalists is : Coef = log15(252) - 1 + 1.25

-priority in pre-registration goes to the top 25 rated players, considering
the world rank established (i.e. online) on September 13th (rankings
calculated in the morning, at 12 PM GMT the rank results are final).

-the players willing to attend the event but rated 26+ in world rank would
be in waiting list (with priority obviously given to the higher rating)

-final registration on October 28th, the day before the LCQ, during the
welcome party.

-no qualifying spot for continental qualifiers will be awarded, since
belonging to the top 25 means you don't need another chance to qualify (and
that you should already be qualified by other means, being a top dog and

Legendary Vampire F.A.Q :

What is the Legendary Vampire ?

It is a VtES tournament, constructed, sanctioned and rated. Its purpose is
to get the top 25 World rated players in a dedicated environment: a
tournament where the level of competition is high and the occasional "chaos
factor" brought by inexperienced players minimized. Perhaps you sometimes
wondered if you could play with such and such "top notch" players, all at
the same table ? Well, that's what the Legendary Vampire is all about.

What is the difference between the Legendary Vampire and a regular

First, the number of slots is fixed to 25 (no more, no less). Second, it is
invitational with priority given according to rankings as per the Global
World Rank on September 13th 2010. What it means: if you belong to the top
25 on September 13th, you can attend the Legendary Vampire. For the rest, it
's the same as a regular tournament: 3 rounds+final, usual rules for
constructed etc.

Is the Legendary Vampire sanctioned?

It is both sanctioned and rated, as it has been fully approved by WW and
VEKN. Its rating bonus for finalists is calculated with a 1.25 bonus (as a
reminder, the bonus is 1 for a continental championship, 0.5 for a
continental qualifier etc.). Keeping in mind the number of players is set to
25, winning the Legendary Vampire is equivalent to winning a 135-players
regular tournament, or a 97-players ECQ, or a 35-players continental

Do you get qualified to the EC if you win the Legendary Vampire?

No. We feel like people who belong to the top 25 don't need a special
tournament to qualify. If you're not qualified to the EC, you should attend
the LCQ instead.

Why does the Legendary Vampire happen the same day as the LCQ?

The first edition of the Legendary Vampire was held in Montpellier, France,
in 2008, but it didn't result in any international presence. The EC
organizing crew felt that since many good players will be at the same place,
at the same time, we should take the opportunity to organize the 2nd
Legendary Vampire, this time with hopefully all the best players from all
over the world (well, many of them at least, since they're coming for the EC
anyway). But we all know it's not necessarily easy or convenient to spend
more than a few days for VtES, so having the LV at the same time as the LCQ
is the best option. Besides, most good and already qualified players usually
redundantly qualify at the LCQ. By "parking" the top 25 "threats" in a
dedicated tournament, it should have the positive side effect of having more
people qualified for the EC.

Why is the number of players set to exactly 25?

As you probably know already, 25 is the magic number when it comes to
meeting different players each round, with 5-players tables. The event will
exist only if we have exactly 25 players for the first round. It shouldn't
be an issue, since we're quite confident the format will arouse the interest
of many players.

How do I know if I'm eligible to the Legendary Vampire?

On September 13th, visit the White Wold VtES page and hit the global
rankings link. If you are rated n°1 to n°25, then you're eligible for sure.

I don't belong to the top 25, but surely some players are not going to come,

As much as we'd love to gather the top 25 players, obviously odds that some
from the top 25 won't make it to Paris for a variety of reasons. So, if your
ranking is good (say, from n°26 up to n°50 world rank for instance) and that
you intend to go to the EC anyway, you can still preregister on the waiting
list. For example, if 24 from the top 25 are attending the event "for sure",
then priority will be given to the n°26, or 27 if the 26th player is not
coming, etc.

We'll be closely monitoring who is likely to come and who isn't, who is on
waiting list and likely to come etc.

When will the list of participants be definitely established?

The registration will happen the day before, during the welcome party. If
you're on the waiting list, you'll know if you can attend the event or not.
We'll give more specific details on the schedule a few weeks before the
event on the EC site, the rec.games.trading-cards.jyhad newsgroup, e-mail

What if I'm on the waiting list but it happens I'm not eligible after all? I
won't get to play at all in any tournament?

No worries there. If you won't be able to attend the Legendary Vampire, you'
ll be able to register to the other events (LCQ and the like).

What happens if you don't have 25 players registered during the welcome

Keep in mind that since the event will happen only if exactly 25 players are
present, which means we'll keep everyone (pre-registered players, players on
waiting list.) informed by e-mail, prior to the welcome party itself. The
communication by e-mail will also give us a good picture of who is likely to
come and who is not, in order to tell the people in waiting list if they
have a good chance of attending the event. But still, if something goes
wrong either during the welcome party of during the setup of the LV itself
the next day, then the event will simply be cancelled and the pool of
players will be redirected to another event (such as the LCQ or any other
available event). It's a good idea to keep a back-up deck ready, for those
of you who tune the deck depending on the number of players.

On September 13th, my world rank is wrong: everything was entered correctly,
but for some reason linked to the WW site my rating and rank are not
calculated properly.

I'll field the answer from Robyn : " There are already players who SHOULD be
in the top 25 who are not (because the site is broken) and are keeping me
informed. If we do not have the new site around September 13th, I will make
everyone aware of these players and their numbers. There will be no dispute
about what the facts are."

On september 13th, my world rank is wrong: some Prince didn't enter the
results of a tournament in time, another Prince didn't properly report my
VEKN number, another one didn't report the tournament I had won because he
was hit by a meteorite and possibly abducted by aliens. Any way you can fix

Ah. That's the tricky question. The short answer is "no, sorry". We do
realize that the world rank is not 100% accurate due to many reasons: errors
in input when submitting the results of a tournament, some lazy organizers
seem to need weeks or months to submit the results, some might be incapable
of submitting them properly, and some are even unwilling or unable to do it.
But first, the issue will arise whatever the deadline is, so the deadline
will not change; second, I will not, repeat, will *not*, go into the giant
headache of handling such and such organizer's mistake. If you feel your
world rank is not right, try to get it sorted with your local prince as soon
as possible (might as well start now), and in the tournaments you will
attend before September, try to have a chat with whoever organizes it so you
'll feel more confident your ranking will be properly computed.

If, in the end, you happen to be the top 26 player and it's not fair because
you're suffering from a mistake which is not your own, then I will truly
feel sorry for you, but I will *not* delve into cleaning up the mess.
Remember, all of the people who organize tournaments are volunteers. My
basis for the LV is the world rank, which implies that all the tournaments
organized by others are fully organized in a proper way, including all the
process of submitting results. If this process is not run properly because
of an organizer is too lazy / absent-minded / inadequately competent /
whatever, it means the incident must be solved locally, by the playgroup and
for the playgroup. It might be too late for the LV, but then, maybe the
event will happen again; besides, not attending the LV means you can rampage
through the LCQ or whatever other event, so it's not the end of the world,
is it?

It's september 13th and my Prince finally sent the results that get me into
top 25! He was doing volunteer work in order to save whales and baby seals,
and had an accident that had got him into a comatose state. He just woke up
this morning, holding a baby seal in his arms. Surely you can make a little
exception for me?

Again, short answer: "no, sorry". I simply do not have the time to get an
investigation team and ponder over the certainly exciting line of events
that got you there. And again, I feel sorry for you, but that's just the way
it is.

But...but...I mean, baby seals?

Please. Get a grip. I don't expect the LV happening without any drama,

I didn't understand anything! In 15 years of VtES, I've never seen anything
like this, this is undecipherable.

Well. Either attend the LCQ like most players, or send an e-mail at
legendary.vampire@yahoo.fr and I'll fill you in.
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Message par Stone » 15 septembre 2010, 21:20

here is the world rank established by Robyn on september 13th:

Ranking Number Name RATING NUMBER
1 8180022 Hugh Angseesing 1595 pre-registered to EC
2 1004181 Yannick GIBERT 1361 pre-registered to EC
3 1001930 Erik Torstensson 1302
4 3200016 Pierre Tran-Van 1290 (nearly)pre-registered to EC
5 2120044 Mark Loughman 1233
6 1006034 adam esbjörnsson 1201 pre-registered to EC
7 8350023 TTC Master - Orian Gissler 1182 pre-registered to EC
8 8840001 Ruben FELDMAN 1176 pre-registered to EC
9 3530054 Otso Saariluoma 1172
10 3540054 Gyula Erdos 1168
11 2200043 Robyn Tatu 1106 pre-registered to EC
12 2750008 John Bell 1066
13 3540019 Ferenc Vasadi 1054 pre-registered to EC
14 1000317 Jay Kristoff 1031
15 1002225 Tomasz Izydorczyk 1018 pre-registered to EC
16 1002863 Izaak Havelaar 1003
17 3011035 Sergio Gracia 1003
18 8450001 Erol Öngün 967 pre-registered to EC
19 4390024 Marcin Watras 963 pre-registered to EC
20 6060005 Jackson Iribarren 945
21 1003217 Hugo Dey 931
22 1005500 Rodd CLOSSON 916
23 2130055 James Messer 914 pre-registered to EC
24 3830002 Daniel Carretero Ferres 912 pre-registered to EC
25 3200192 Arnaud Baigts 904
26 1001132 Darby Keeney 901
27 8350026 Rodolphe Danac 897
28 4740011 Simone Bianchi 888
29 2790002 Cesar Ruiperez 880
30 8580055 Michael Heyder 877 pre-registered to EC
31 1002070 John Eno 865
32 1004188 Benoit Moyen 853 pre-registered to EC
33 3010038 Inyaki Puigdollers 813
34 3870022 Are Vaskela 812 pre-registered to EC
35 6060006 Waldo Reyrau 791
36 1004183 Patrick Benoit 790 pre-registered to EC
37 4170053 Ivor Blockley 779
38 5260001 Jakub Baranski 779 pre-registered to EC
39 4740000 Alessandro Donati 774 pre-registered to EC
40 2050001 Ben Peal 768 pre-registered to EC
41 3382224 Michael Holmström 763
42 3200188 Vincent RIPOLL 759
43 3830025 Carlos Andrés Martin Guerra 745
44 3460018 Danilo Torrisi 732
45 3540127 Csaba Greguss 730 pre-registered to EC
46 2130060 Cory Kendall 721
47 3200189 Pascal Bertrand - Floppy 703 pre-registered to EC
48 3380062 Alexander Båskman 702
49 3260063 Nuno Moure 695
50 2660020 Brad Cashdollar 694
51 8530028 Alejandro Pascual Álvarez 682
52 3440099 Heikki Palomaki 673
53 3810007 Antonio Cobo Cuenca 668 pre-registered to EC
54 2830014 Matthew Morgan 660
55 3120073 Eduardo Manuel Mateus (HH) 658
56 3380058 Isak Bjärmark Esbjörnsson 646 pre-registered to EC
57 4231973 Jason Ryan 644
58 3530067 Tommi Hakomaa 639
59 1003078 Radoslaw Staszewski 636
60 1940008 Daniel Padrol 635
61 3380042 Alexander Ek 625
62 1003926 Adam Hulse 620
63 1002786 Yoann Guyader 617 pre-registered to EC
64 1000887 Jesse Cross-Nickerson 613
65 2660030 Kurt Kopp 612
66 3490001 Denis Chanteloup 612
67 1003813 Christian Perez 605
68 1002238 Hernn Rodrguez 604
69 3200293 Francois GREINER 599 pre-registered to EC
70 1003376 Ralf Lammert 588
71 1004071 Micha Kochanowski 585 pre-registered to EC
72 3020042 Gianluca Scala 585
73 3830000 Jose Manuel Muñoz Berengena 582 pre-registered to EC
74 4960012 Alex Parcero 577
75 3200194 jerome goyet 573 pre-registered to EC
76 1006065 Maciej Frankowiak 568
77 3070099 Otto Kukkasniemi 563 pre-registered to EC
78 3200284 John JEAN-BAPTISTE 561 pre-registered to EC
79 5350003 Joaquim Santana 558
80 1005897 Alfonso Sendra 557
81 3200294 Mehdi MAZNI 547
82 6512021 Mathieu Rivero 546 pre-registered to EC
83 4130006 Tony Wedd 545
84 1005578 Paweł Kukiełczyński 543
85 1000058 Jonathan Sushinsky 541
86 1004170 Antti Tiril 541
87 2120134 Will Kristoff 538
88 3440011 Pauli Kiova 528
89 3120097 André Ramos Catarino 524
90 2130051 Robert Little 522
91 2130052 Bob Joseph 520
92 8671027 Tiago Brum 513 pre-registered to EC
93 1007005 Genis Prats 510
94 1005017 Mark Petersen 504
95 2030005 Jeffrey Thompson 498
96 3380019 Henrik Ericsson 498
97 3490023 Jonathan Zerafa 498 pre-registered to EC
98 2660022 Dave Pennington 497
99 1000655 Oscar Garza III 494
100 1003829 Marko Lindroos 492
101 3491011 Huet Axel 489
102 1003621 Brendan Healy 487
103 2020046 Sebestyen Balazs 487
104 1006333 Gabriel Ron 486
105 3670004 Martin Randers 486 pre-registered to EC
106 3870029 Timo Rekola 484 pre-registered to EC
107 3600003 Jeroen van Oort 483 pre-registered to EC
108 8110027 Inaki Jimenez 480
109 1004064 Paulo Roberto Barbosa da Silva 479
110 1005984 John Best 477
111 2150015 Bill Troxel 477
112 3940009 Aleksander Idziak 471 pre-registered to EC
113 2020002 David Tatu 470 pre-registered to EC
114 3340035 Martin Weinmayer 466
115 1001429 David Cherryholmes 459
116 3200246 Marius Iscru 454
117 1000884 Roger Carhult 445
118 1004380 Christophe Bolo 441
119 1990012 Jeffrey Brandon 440
120 2660235 David Baker 433
121 3190006 David Quiñonero 429 pre-registered to EC
122 8500001 Tomek Kowalewski 428 pre-registered to EC
123 2130053 Evan Lloyd 427
124 6520008 Teresa Neves 424 pre-registered to EC
125 3540165 Martin Major 418
126 6110026 Ida Olsson 418
127 4110004 Steve Harris 416
128 3200051 Franck Bernard 413 pre-registered to EC
129 3440018 Nyberg Tuomas 410
130 4070034 Peter Rophail 409
131 2830016 Simeon Nagel 407
132 2020043 Mattias Kallenberg 406
133 1002480 Henrik Klippstrom 402
134 3200002 Benoit Oliveri 401
135 4351524 Eliseu Angelo 400 pre-registered to EC
136 3530087 Seppo Lipponen 392
137 3840007 Johannes Walch 390 pre-registered to EC
138 1000279 Ben Swainbank 387
139 1003211 Carlos Tomas Aran 385
140 1004164 Jerome Bauzon 379
141 1003221 Juan Oyarce 363
142 1003455 Karl Schaefer 363
143 1000447 John Flournoy 358
144 4070032 Shane Clements 356
145 1006398 David Lees 355
146 1001311 Cristian Hormazabal 346
147 2020029 Jon Newquist 346
148 1001377 Alessandro Giogoli 327
149 1005687 Ralf Weppner 327
150 1000388 Cameron Domer 325
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Message par Stone » 05 octobre 2010, 20:36

just in case you missed the info in http://www.vekn.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?t=16201, a copy/paste

The summary of the top 25 among the pre-registered players to the EC is as follows as of october 5th (read on, this is NOT the list of pre-registered players to the Legendary Vampire, for the moment) :

Hugh Angseesing #1
Yannick GIBERT #2
Pierre Tran-Van #3
adam esbjörnsson #4
TTC Master #5
Ruben FELDMAN #6
Robyn Tatu #7
Ferenc Vasadi #8
Tomasz Izydorczyk #9
Izaak Havelaar #10
Erol Öngün #11
Marcin Watras #12
James Messer #13
Daniel Carretero #14
Arnaud Baigts #15
Cesar Ruiperez #16
Michael Heyder #17
Benoit Moyen #18
Are Vaskela #19
Patrick Benoit #20
Jakub Baranski #21
Alessandro Donati #22
Ben Peal #23
Vincent RIPOLL #24
Csaba Greguss #25

However, as explained in http://groups.google.com/group/rec.game ... 41779008e6, the players who want to attend the Legendary Vampire must follow these simple instructions, even if they have registered on the http://ec2010vtes.com site :
-write an e-mail to legendary.vampire@yahoo.fr
-include the following information in that e-mail:
-first name
-last name
-VEKN number
-something short like "I'd like to attend the LV"
-tell me if you will be present at the welcome party between 6:30 PM and
7:30PM for the registration to LV

The list of players currently properly pre-registered to the Legendary Vampire is currently as follows

Yannick GIBERT : OK
Pierre Tran-Van : OK
adam esbjörnsson : OK
TTC Master : OK
Robyn Tatu : OK
Erol Öngün : OK
Marcin Watras : OK
Arnaud Baigts : OK
Patrick Benoit : OK
Jakub Baranski : OK
Alessandro Donati : OK
Vincent RIPOLL : OK
Csaba Greguss : OK

13 players among the top 25 pre-registered players to EC. These 13 currently belong to the top 25 of the pre-registered players (this might change if we get more pre-registered players until october 28th) AND followed properly the instructions AND fully understood they will register during the welcome party (or did warn me they might not make it, in which case I will register them myself). So basically, unless higher-ranked players pre-register properly, the above players are for the moment guaranteed to have a spot in the LV. If that situation changes, they will be notified by e-mail.

We also have 3 players who are not in the top 25 of the pre-registered players to EC, but who did properly wrote an e-mail to legendary.vampire@yahoo.fr and who will have priority in filling any available slots, during the registration process which will happen during the Welcome Party (thursday 28th october, 18:30-19:30 PM)

François Greiner : OK
Mathias Skubich : OK
Yoann Guyader : OK

Finally, the following 12 players belong to the top 25 pre-registered players to EC, but who did not send the above mentioned mail to legendary.vampire@yahoo.fr . If they are interested in attending the LV, they should follow the instructions properly. As has already been explained in http://groups.google.com/group/rec.game ... 41779008e6 , it takes 1 minute to write that e-mail and if you don't want to spend one minute doing it, I will not make the effort of wondering whether you're interested in the LV or not and fill the gap with other players.

Ruben FELDMAN currently not pre-registered to LV
Ferenc Vasadi currently not pre-registered to LV
Tomasz Izydorczyk currently not pre-registered to LV
Izaak Havelaar currently not pre-registered to LV
James Messer currently not pre-registered to LV
Daniel Carretero currently not pre-registered to LV
Cesar Ruiperez currently not pre-registered to LV
Michael Heyder currently not pre-registered to LV
Benoit Moyen currently not pre-registered to LV
Are Vaskela currently not pre-registered to LV
Ben Peal currently not pre-registered to LV

As a reminder, the registration process to the LV will happen during the welcome party, between 6:30 and 7:30 PM (thursday october 28th) at the R.I.P (that's the venue).

At that time, I will register first the players who :
-belong to the top 25 of the pre-registered players
-wrote the e-mail to legendary.vampire@yahoo.fr with all the required information

Then, if the number of players does not reach 25, I will register second the players who :
-wrote the e-mail to legendary.vampire@yahoo.fr with all the required information, with priority according to ranking

Then, if the number of players still does not reach 25, I will simply call (well, probably shout) for the highest ranked, pre-registered to EC, player (with the current list, I would shout for Ruben Feldman to step forward, for instance - notice in that case, even though Ruben has a very high rank, he gets a rather low priority in registering, considering he didn't go through the pre-registering process properly). Then I won't wait long. Like a few seconds. If no one comes up, I'd call for the next player (Ferenc Vasadi, using the same example). Then wait a few seconds, call the next, etc.

In the end, when I finally reach 25 players, the list of participants registered to LV will be final, period. Do not complain if you were in the toilets or smoking in the street or whatever when I was calling. All it takes is a simple and properly written e-mail to get pre-registered to the Legendary Vampire not to get in that situation, so please just do it if you'd like to attend the LV.

ouais, j'ai 2 extensions de retard, et alors? LoB, t'en as vite fait le tour. Il y a Leibon et il y a les méchants.
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